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Castle Mariagaarde


Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Borgloon, Belgium, Castle Mariagaarde stands as a testament to historical elegance and tranquility. This hidden gem in the heart of the fruit region of Haspengouw is not only a cultural beacon but also a serene retreat for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Ideal for travelers, history enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike, Castle Mariagaarde offers a unique blend of rich history and natural beauty.

A Storied History

Originally built in the 16th century, Castle Mariagaarde has undergone various transformations, evolving from a noble residence to its current incarnation as a center for reflection and creativity. Over the centuries, the castle has retained its architectural integrity, boasting classic elements that enchant visitors. Its storied walls resonate with tales of the past, offering a captivating journey through time for anyone who walks its halls.

Lush Surroundings and Tranquil Gardens

One of the most appealing aspects of Castle Mariagaarde is its vast, meticulously maintained gardens. These outdoor spaces are a haven for tranquility and relaxation, with manicured lawns, vibrant flower beds, and shady groves. The gardens serve as a perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll or a quiet moment of reflection, enveloped by the soothing sounds of nature. Throughout the year, the changing seasons bring new colors and scents, making every visit a unique experience.

Art and Culture Hub

Castle Mariagaarde is not just a haven for relaxation and history; it also serves as a vibrant cultural hub. The castle hosts various workshops, art exhibitions, and educational programs throughout the year, attracting creatives and learners from all over. These events are aimed at fostering creativity and cultural exchange, providing visitors with a chance to engage in hands-on activities, learn new skills, and immerse themselves in the arts.

Ideal Destination for Retreats

For those seeking a peaceful retreat, Castle Mariagaarde offers excellent facilities that cater to personal and group retreats. The tranquil environment of the castle is perfect for those looking to unwind, meditate, or engage in reflective practices. With accommodations that blend historical charm with modern comforts, visitors can enjoy a restful stay while exploring the spiritual and relaxation opportunities available at the castle.

Proximity to Borgloon’s Delights

While the castle itself is a focal point for visitors, its location in Borgloon adds another layer of appeal. Borgloon is a quaint town renowned for its fruit production and breathtaking landscapes. Visitors can explore local orchards, participate in fruit-picking sessions, or enjoy the scenic walking and cycling routes that crisscross the region. The town also features charming cafes and local shops, offering a taste of local life and hospitality.

Sustainable Practices and Community Involvement

Castle Mariagaarde is committed to sustainability and plays an active role in community involvement. The management of the castle emphasizes eco-friendly practices and sustainable tourism, ensuring that the beauty of the region is preserved for future generations. Visitors can feel good about their stay, knowing that they are contributing to a facility that cares deeply about its environmental impact and the well-being of its community.

A Visit to Remember

Whether you're a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply in need of a peaceful getaway, Castle Mariagaarde in Borgloon, Belgium, offers a delightful and enriching experience. With its captivating history, stunning gardens, cultural activities, and commitment to sustainability, the castle invites visitors to step into a world of tranquility and inspiration. Plan your visit to Castle Mariagaarde and discover the magic of this exquisite Belgian treasure.

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Castle of Gors


Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Borgloon, Belgium, the Castle of Gors stands as a testament to the region's rich history and architectural grandeur. This hidden gem, often overlooked in favor of more famous Belgian castles, offers a unique blend of historical significance and scenic beauty that makes it a must-visit for anyone traveling through the area.

A Rich Historical Tapestry

The Castle of Gors, known locally as Kasteel van Gors, has roots that stretch back to the medieval period, although most of the current structure was built in the 19th century. It represents a perfect blend of historical layers, each adding its own story to the rich tapestry that makes up the castle's past. The castle was originally the seat of the prestigious Gors family, whose influence in the local region is well-documented in the annals of Belgian history.

Architectural Marvel

One of the most striking features of the Castle of Gors is its architecture. The castle exhibits a Neo-Gothic style, characterized by pointed arches, intricate stonework, and ornate decorative elements. These features are not just visually pleasing but also represent the artistic movements that were prevalent at the time of its last major renovations. Walking through the castle, visitors can admire the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into every aspect of its design, from the grand entrance hall to the sweeping staircases.

Lush Surroundings and Gardens

The castle is set in a picturesque estate that spans several acres, featuring beautifully manicured gardens and a serene parkland. The gardens are a highlight during the spring and summer months when they burst into a riot of colors with blooming flowers and lush greenery. The park around the castle is ideal for leisurely walks or picnics, offering stunning views of the castle from various angles, as well as a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Events and Activities

Throughout the year, the Castle of Gors hosts a variety of events that make it a dynamic destination. From classical music concerts in the drawing rooms to outdoor theater performances in the gardens, the castle serves as a cultural hub in Borgloon. These events provide visitors with a chance to experience the castle's historic ambiance while enjoying contemporary entertainment.

Accessibility and Visitor Experience

Visiting the Castle of Gors is a hassle-free experience thanks to its accessibility. Located just a short drive from the center of Borgloon, the castle is easily reachable by car and there is ample parking available for visitors. The castle’s interiors are well-maintained, with informative plaques and sometimes even guided tours available to enrich the visitor experience. Whether you're a history buff, architecture enthusiast, or simply looking for a beautiful place to spend the day, the Castle of Gors offers something for everyone.

Discover the Enchanting Castle of Gors in Borgloon, Belgium

The Castle of Gors is more than just a historical building; it's a vibrant part of the Borgloon community and a beacon of the area's cultural heritage. With its stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and lively event calendar, the castle provides a perfect blend of historical exploration and modern enjoyment. Make sure to add the Castle of Gors to your itinerary to discover one of Belgium’s lesser-known but incredibly charming historical sites. Whether you come for the history, the architecture, or simply the tranquil garden walks, the Castle of Gors will not disappoint.

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Castle of Rijkel


Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Borgloon, Belgium, the Castle of Rijkel stands as a testament to the region's rich history and architectural grandeur. This hidden gem in the heart of Belgium's fruit region offers visitors a unique glimpse into the past, surrounded by lush orchards and rolling hills. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Castle of Rijkel is a must-visit destination.

A Stroll Through History

The Castle of Rijkel, also known locally as Kasteel van Rijkel, has roots that trace back to the medieval era. Originally built as a fortified manor, the castle has undergone several renovations over the centuries, each adding layers of history and charm. The current structure, predominantly from the 17th century, features a blend of Renaissance and classical architectural elements that capture the imagination of its visitors.

Architectural Marvels and Scenic Surroundings

As you approach the castle, the first thing that strikes you is its imposing facade, which harmoniously combines brick and sandstone. The symmetrical layout and elegant windows of the castle are framed by the meticulously maintained gardens, making it a photographer's paradise. The surrounding estate, with its expansive lawns and ancient trees, invites visitors to relax and explore at their leisure. It’s an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon walk or a quiet moment beside the ornamental ponds.

A Center for Culture and Events

Beyond its historical and architectural significance, the Castle of Rijkel serves as a vibrant cultural center. It hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including art exhibitions, concerts, and private gatherings. These events provide a wonderful opportunity for visitors to experience the castle’s lively atmosphere and engage with local culture and traditions. The castle’s role as a cultural hub makes it a pivotal part of the community in Borgloon.

Ideal for Nature Lovers and Outdoor Activities

The castle is not only a feast for the eyes but also a starting point for various outdoor activities. The region around Borgloon is famed for its fruit orchards, and the castle offers an excellent vantage point for the breathtaking views of the blooming trees in spring. Hiking, cycling, and horseback riding are popular in the area, with well-marked trails that pass by historical sites and natural wonders. The blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty makes the Castle of Rijkel a perfect escape into the countryside.

Sustainable Tourism and Conservation Efforts

The Castle of Rijkel is also at the forefront of sustainable tourism in Borgloon. Efforts are continuously made to preserve the natural and architectural integrity of the castle and its surroundings. This commitment to conservation ensures that the beauty of the area remains untouched and that visitors can enjoy a pristine environment. By visiting the Castle of Rijkel, tourists contribute to the ongoing preservation and enhancement of this historic site.

Plan Your Visit to the Castle of Rijkel

A visit to the Castle of Rijkel is more than just a journey through time; it's an immersive experience that combines history, culture, and natural beauty. This enchanting castle, with its rich history and stunning landscapes, awaits your discovery. Whether you're planning a day trip or a longer stay in the area, the Castle of Rijkel offers a tranquil and inspiring getaway that promises to enrich your travels. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore one of Belgium’s hidden treasures.

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Kasteel van Opleeuw


Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Borgloon, in the heart of Belgium's fruit region, the Kasteel van Opleeuw stands as a testament to the area's rich history and architectural elegance. This hidden gem, surrounded by lush orchards and serene gardens, offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you're a history enthusiast, architecture aficionado, or simply in search of a tranquil escape, Kasteel van Opleeuw is a destination that promises enchantment and wonder.

A Stroll Through History

The Kasteel van Opleeuw is not just a castle; it's a portal to the past. Originally constructed in the 16th century, the castle has undergone various renovations over the centuries, each adding a layer of intrigue and charm. The architecture of the castle reflects a blend of Renaissance and Baroque styles, with intricate brickwork, ornamental sculptures, and sprawling terraces that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

Gardens and Grounds: A Nature Lover's Paradise

The castle grounds are equally impressive, featuring meticulously maintained gardens that are a riot of colors during the spring and summer months. Visitors can wander through the green expanses, admiring a variety of flora and old-growth trees that have been standing for centuries. The gardens serve as a perfect backdrop for a leisurely afternoon stroll or a quiet moment of reflection beside the ornamental ponds and fountains.

An Architectural Marvel

Kasteel van Opleeuw is renowned for its stunning architectural features. The facade of the castle is adorned with classic Baroque elements, while the interiors boast authentic period furniture, ornate ceilings, and historic paintings. Each room in the castle tells its own story, decorated with artifacts and tapestries that evoke the splendor of bygone eras.

Engaging Activities for All Ages

The castle isn't just about quiet contemplation; it's also a place for active engagement. Throughout the year, Kasteel van Opleeuw hosts a variety of events, including historical reenactments, classical music concerts, and seasonal festivals. These events offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and history while enjoying the castle’s atmospheric setting.

Ideal for Picturesque Weddings and Events

Imagine hosting your special day at a castle! Kasteel van Opleeuw is a favored venue for weddings, offering a romantic and unforgettable setting for ceremonies and receptions. With its grand halls, beautiful gardens, and exceptional service, the castle ensures that every event is nothing short of spectacular.

Visiting Kasteel van Opleeuw

Located just a short drive from major Belgian cities like Brussels and Antwerp, Kasteel van Opleeuw is easily accessible for both local and international visitors. The castle’s proximity to the charming town of Borgloon also allows guests to explore other local attractions, such as the Borgloon Church and the Grootloon Vineyard, making it an ideal stop on a Belgian travel itinerary.

Discover the Charm of Kasteel van Opleeuw in Borgloon, Belgium

Kasteel van Opleeuw in Borgloon, Belgium, is more than just a historical landmark. It is a place where the past and present converge, creating a unique experience that captivates the heart and enriches the mind. With its stunning architecture, lush gardens, and a plethora of activities, Kasteel van Opleeuw offers something for everyone. Whether you are planning a visit to Belgium or looking for a picturesque locale for your next event, consider Kasteel van Opleeuw for an experience that is both memorable and magical.

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Castle of Bommershoven


Located in the quaint village of Bommershoven in Borgloon, Belgium, the Castle of Bommershoven is a remarkable historical estate that dates back to the late 18th century. Built between 1759 and 1761 by Marcel-Gérard Magnée, this estate has been an integral part of the region's heritage, showcasing architectural elegance and a rich history that continues to enchant visitors and historians alike.

Architectural Grandeur and Stylistic Elements

The Castle of Bommershoven is a splendid example of Rococo architecture, characterized by its decorative art and intricate details, which are prominently visible throughout the estate. The main building is an L-shaped, red-painted brick structure with two stories under a mansard roof, adorned with dormer windows that add to its classic charm. The façade facing the street features a double house arrangement with five bays, underlining the symmetrical beauty typical of Rococo style. Noteworthy are the arched windows and the doorway, framed in limestone with keystones and dripstones, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the castle.

A Stroll Through History

The interiors of the Castle of Bommershoven are as magnificent as its exteriors, with each room echoing stories of the past. The grand dining room houses a Rococo-style fireplace with stucco work and a painted portrait of Marcel-Gérard Magnée, the original builder. Throughout the castle, visitors can admire fireplaces with Delft tiles and numerous Rococo details that offer a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of its former inhabitants.

Lush Surroundings and Serene Landscapes

The estate's park, partially styled in a formal layout and partly in a landscape style, dates back to the second half of the 19th century, offering a serene and picturesque setting. The extensive modifications in the 19th century expanded the park to its current size, creating a perfect harmony between the built environment and the natural world. The park features pathways that invite visitors to explore the tranquil gardens and enjoy the peaceful ambiance that surrounds this historic site.

A Living Legacy of Art and Culture

In addition to its architectural and historical significance, the Castle of Bommershoven is a cultural beacon. The castle’s library is a treasure trove of knowledge, housing an extensive collection of books that reflect the intellectual pursuits of its owners over the centuries. Moreover, the octagonal salon, adorned with murals painted in oil by Italian artists, adds an artistic dimension to the castle, making it a hub of artistic and cultural activities.

Preserving the Past for the Future

Today, the Castle of Bommershoven stands as a protected monument, its conservation ensuring that future generations can continue to learn from and appreciate its historical and architectural significance. The estate not only serves as a reminder of Belgium’s rich cultural heritage but also as a testament to the preservation efforts that safeguard such historical treasures.

Unveiling the Historical Charm of Castle of Bommershoven

Visiting the Castle of Bommershoven offers more than just a glimpse into the past; it is an immersive experience that transports visitors back in time, allowing them to explore the rich tapestry of history, architecture, and artistry that defines this magnificent estate. Whether you are a history enthusiast, an architecture aficionado, or simply in search of a peaceful retreat in the heart of Belgium, the Castle of Bommershoven promises a journey that is both enlightening and unforgettable.

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Castle De Klee


Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Borgloon, Kasteel De Klee stands as a magnificent example of eclecticism with neobaroque influences. Built between 1904 and 1907 for Baroness Sneyers-d'Attenhoven, this enchanting castle not only showcases architectural beauty but also a rich history that has been carefully preserved and cherished over the years.

A Historical Gem Amidst Idyllic Surroundings

Kasteel De Klee is prominently situated in a beautifully landscaped park, echoing the grandeur and style typical of the early 20th century. After suffering a fire in 1933, the castle was meticulously restored, maintaining its original charm and elegance. The park itself is a masterpiece of landscape design, initially much larger and featuring a variety of classical landscaping elements that have enchanted visitors and locals alike for over a century.

Architectural Brilliance and Eclectic Design

The architecture of Kasteel De Klee is a true testament to the eclectic style, with a neobaroque flair that captures the eye and the imagination. The building's layout is roughly rectangular but features a complex array of volumes under slated mansard roofs, adding a dynamic visual element to the structure. A standout feature is the square tower with a conical spire located at the north corner, providing a dramatic silhouette against the sky.

Exquisite Details and Artistic Features

The castle's exterior is constructed from brick with natural stone used for banding and framing the openings, lending a robust yet refined look to the façade. Rectangular windows feature detailed profiling and keystoning, while the decorative dormer windows are adorned with pilasters and pediments, enhancing the building's historic character. One of the pediments proudly displays a medallion inscribed with the year "ANNO 1907," marking the castle's completion.

A Sanctuary of Nature and Heritage

The grounds of Kasteel De Klee are enclosed by an elegant iron gate set between hardstone pillars, leading into a realm where nature and architecture exist in perfect harmony. The park, designed in the landscape style, contains a mix of native and exotic plant species, serene walkways, and a partially preserved moat that adds an element of historical defense architecture to the site.

Preserving Cultural Legacy

Today, Kasteel De Klee is protected under Belgian law as a significant cultural landmark, with its park also receiving recognition as a protected landscape. These designations help ensure that the castle and its surroundings will continue to be maintained for future generations, preserving its history and the beauty of its natural setting. The castle's inclusion in the cultural landscape around Kuttekoven highlights its importance not just to Borgloon but to the broader region's heritage.

Discover the Splendor of Kasteel De Klee in Borgloon, Belgium

Kasteel De Klee is more than just a historical building; it is a centerpiece of cultural pride and natural beauty in Borgloon. Although the castle itself is not open for public tours, its presence enhances the local landscape, making it a cherished landmark for those who are lucky enough to view it during special events or from the public pathways around the estate. For lovers of history, architecture, and nature, Kasteel De Klee remains a symbol of the enduring beauty and cultural richness of Belgium.

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