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Kasteel Cortewalle


Nestled in the quaint town of Beveren, Belgium, Kasteel Cortewalle stands as a beacon of history and architecture. This stunning 15th-century castle offers visitors a unique glimpse into the past, surrounded by expansive parks and serene water features. Perfect for history buffs and nature lovers alike, Kasteel Cortewalle is an idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

A Stroll Through History

Kasteel Cortewalle, built in the mid-15th century, is one of the oldest preserved castles in the region. With its pristine white sandstone façade and meticulously restored interiors, the castle tells tales of the past not only through its architecture but also through the art and artifacts housed within its walls. The castle's rich history is palpable, having been home to several influential families, each adding layers of intrigue and beauty to the estate.

Architectural Marvel

As you approach Kasteel Cortewalle, the first thing that catches the eye is its striking architectural style. The castle features elements typical of the Renaissance period, with intricate brickwork, ornamental sculptures, and towering spires that punctuate the skyline. The interiors are equally impressive, featuring lavish tapestries, antique furniture, and an exquisite collection of paintings, all of which have been carefully preserved to maintain their original splendor.

Lush Greenery and Tranquil Ponds

Surrounding Kasteel Cortewalle is a lush park, spanning several hectares and offering a peaceful escape for visitors. The landscape design is a thoughtful blend of French and English styles, featuring manicured lawns, geometrically arranged flower beds, and secluded woodland paths. The park also boasts several ponds, where one can often see swans gliding gracefully across the water, adding to the picturesque beauty of the setting.

Engage in Local Culture and Events

Kasteel Cortewalle is not just a historical site; it is a vibrant part of the Beveren community. The castle hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including concerts, exhibitions, and theatrical performances, making it a cultural hub in the region. These events provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to engage with local culture and history in a lively and interactive environment.

Perfect Day Out for Families and Historians

Whether you’re a history enthusiast eager to learn about Belgian heritage or a family looking for a relaxing day out, Kasteel Cortewalle offers something for everyone. Children can enjoy the open spaces and hidden corners of the gardens, while adults appreciate the art and history tours provided by knowledgeable guides. The blend of educational and recreational activities makes Kasteel Cortewalle a must-visit destination in Belgium.

Visit Kasteel Cortewalle

Visiting Kasteel Cortewalle promises an enchanting experience, where history blends with natural beauty to create a truly unforgettable atmosphere. Whether it’s exploring the castle itself, taking a leisurely walk through the gardens, or attending a cultural event, Kasteel Cortewalle offers a unique and enriching experience for all. Don’t miss the chance to explore this magnificent castle and its grounds, a treasured piece of Belgium's heritage.

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Hof ter Saksen


Nestled in the scenic municipality of Beveren, Belgium, Hof ter Saksen offers a captivating glimpse into historical architecture surrounded by natural beauty. This enchanting estate, rich with history, stands as a testament to the region's architectural evolution and the dedicated efforts to preserve its grandeur.

A Storied Past

The origins of Hof ter Saksen trace back to the Middle Ages, initially serving as a hostel and farm. The site later evolved, with a castle constructed in the 1700s. Known historically by several names like Het Schaak and Het Goed Schaeckx, the estate eventually earned the name Hof ter Saksen, which translates to "Court of the Saxony." Over the years, this majestic site underwent significant transformations, each adding a layer to its rich historical tapestry.

A Phoenix Rises: Restoration and Renewal

By the early 2000s, the once stately castle had fallen into disrepair, with nature slowly reclaiming the structure. A massive renovation began in 2004, breathing new life into the castle and its surroundings. The project was not just a restoration but a complete rebuild that preserved the essence of the original architecture while introducing modern amenities. Today, visitors can explore an orangerie with a cafeteria, a nature garden, an ice house, and a sprawling apple orchard. The arboretum, initiated by the Decalut family in 1980, now boasts over 4,500 plant species, making it a vibrant hub for flora enthusiasts.

A Haven for Nature Lovers

Beyond its historical allure, Hof ter Saksen is a sanctuary for biodiversity. The park is dotted with large catalpas and other rare tree species, creating a lush backdrop that changes with the seasons. It's a popular spot for birdwatchers and nature lovers who come to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the landscape. The careful integration of natural and historical elements makes Hof ter Saksen not just a site of architectural interest, but also a cornerstone of community and ecological engagement.

Engaging with the Community

The revival of Hof ter Saksen has transformed it into a dynamic part of local life in Beveren. With its combination of cultural heritage and natural beauty, the park serves as a venue for educational programs, community events, and personal relaxation. Its spaces invite locals and tourists alike to explore, learn, and relax in an environment that blends history with natural splendor.

Discover the Charm of Hof ter Saksen

Hof ter Saksen in Beveren is more than just a historical site; it is a living, breathing space that resonates with the echoes of the past and the vibrant pulse of the present. Whether you are a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply in search of a peaceful retreat, Hof ter Saksen offers a unique blend of cultural and natural treasures that beckon to be explored. Its storied walls and verdant paths offer a serene escape, making it a must-visit destination in Belgium's rich landscape of historical sites.

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Fort Haasdonk


Nestled in the serene town of Beveren, Belgium, Fort Haasdonk stands as a testament to historical architecture and local heritage. This hidden gem, often overlooked in favor of Belgium’s more famous attractions, offers a unique glimpse into the country’s rich military history. Whether you're a history buff, architecture enthusiast, or simply looking for a peaceful day trip, Fort Haasdonk provides an enriching experience that showcases the beauty and resilience of Beveren.

A Stroll through History

Fort Haasdonk was originally built in the late 19th century as part of a defensive line intended to protect the city of Antwerp. Constructed during a period of national fortification, it exemplifies the military architecture and strategic planning of the era. Over the years, the fort has witnessed numerous historical events, standing firm through the tests of time. Today, it invites visitors to step back into history and explore its well-preserved structures and surroundings.

Architectural Splendor

One of the most striking features of Fort Haasdonk is its architectural design. The fort is an excellent example of the polygonal fort style typical of the late 1800s. Its robust and imposing structure is complemented by the serene beauty of its natural surroundings. The juxtaposition of man-made and natural elements creates a picturesque setting that is both awe-inspiring and soothing. The preservation efforts have maintained the fort’s original charm, allowing visitors to appreciate its historical significance and architectural beauty.

Green Spaces and Leisure Activities

Surrounding Fort Haasdonk, the expansive green spaces offer a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. These well-maintained areas are perfect for picnics, leisurely walks, or simply relaxing with a good book under the shade of ancient trees. For those interested in more active pursuits, the area around the fort provides numerous walking and cycling paths. These trails not only offer great exercise but also allow you to explore the scenic landscapes at your own pace.

A Cultural Touchstone

Fort Haasdonk is not just a monument; it's a cultural touchstone that offers insights into Belgian military history and the broader historical narrative of the region. The fort frequently hosts educational tours and events that delve into its fascinating past. These activities are designed to enlighten visitors about the strategic importance of the fort and the roles it has played throughout various periods in history. Engaging with these experiences provides a deeper understanding of the significance of such structures in shaping Belgium’s identity.

Ideal Destination for All Ages

Fort Haasdonk is an ideal destination for visitors of all ages. Families can enjoy a day out in the open air, exploring the fort's expansive grounds and learning about its history through interactive tours. Younger visitors are often captivated by the fort’s intriguing nooks and crannies, which seem straight out of a storybook. Meanwhile, adult visitors appreciate the calm, historical ambiance that offers a break from the digital world.

Plan Your Visit to Fort Haasdonk

Visiting Fort Haasdonk is a journey through time, offering a mix of education, recreation, and relaxation. This historical site in Beveren is a must-see for anyone interested in Belgium's past or those seeking a tranquil escape into nature. The beauty and history of Fort Haasdonk await to enrich your understanding of Belgian heritage while providing a serene backdrop for a memorable day trip.

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Fort Liefkenshoek


Nestled in the scenic locale of Beveren, Belgium, Fort Liefkenshoek offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s rich historical tapestry. This historic fortification, originally constructed in 1579, stands as a testament to the area’s strategic importance through the ages. Today, it has transformed into a captivating attraction that draws history buffs, cultural enthusiasts, and families looking for a unique day out.

A Storied Past

Fort Liefkenshoek’s origins date back to the turbulent times of the Eighty Years' War, when it was built to protect the city of Antwerp from Spanish forces. Over the centuries, the fort has witnessed numerous battles and sieges, each adding a layer to its storied history. Its strategic position on the left bank of the River Scheldt made it a critical point of defense and, later, an important customs post. The robust walls and well-preserved structures offer a vivid portrayal of military architecture through time, making it a compelling stop for anyone fascinated by Europe’s military past.

Immersive Exhibitions and Activities

The fort is not only notable for its historical significance but also for the engaging way it presents its heritage. The on-site museum houses a range of exhibitions that detail the fort’s role in various historical contexts, from its military beginnings to its later use as a quarantine station. Interactive displays and well-documented artifacts bring the narratives to life, making history accessible and engaging for visitors of all ages.

In addition to its indoor exhibits, Fort Liefkenshoek is alive with activities throughout the year. Reenactments, guided tours, and educational workshops offer hands-on ways to experience the past, allowing visitors to step back in time and gain a deeper understanding of the fort’s historical importance. The blend of learning and entertainment ensures that every trip to Fort Liefkenshoek is both informative and enjoyable.

Natural Beauty and Relaxation

The fort’s surroundings are as captivating as its history. Set against the backdrop of the scenic Scheldt River, the area offers stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere that invites visitors to relax and unwind. The well-maintained grounds are perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic, making it an ideal spot for families and nature lovers. The lush greenery and peaceful environment provide a soothing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A Hub for Cultural Events

Fort Liefkenshoek is more than just a historical site; it’s a vibrant cultural hub. Throughout the year, the fort plays host to a variety of events, including concerts, theater performances, and art exhibitions. These events not only enhance the fort’s community vibe but also attract visitors from across Belgium and beyond. The combination of historical ambiance and contemporary culture makes Fort Liefkenshoek a unique venue that celebrates both the past and the present.

Discover the Charm of Fort Liefkenshoek in Beveren, Belgium

Whether you’re a history enthusiast eager to explore centuries-old fortifications or a nature lover looking to enjoy some scenic beauty, Fort Liefkenshoek offers a diverse array of attractions to suit all interests. Its rich history, combined with a roster of engaging activities and stunning natural surroundings, makes it a must-visit destination in Belgium. Unlock the secrets of the past and create memorable experiences at this historical gem in Beveren. Fort Liefkenshoek is not just a trip through history, but an adventure that captivates and educates, making every visit a worthwhile journey into the heart of Belgium’s heritage.

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