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Tretower Castle


Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Crickhowell, Tretower Castle stands as a testament to the rich history and architectural grandeur of the United Kingdom. This medieval marvel, dating back to the 11th century, offers a unique window into the past, inviting visitors to explore an era of knights, banquets, and historical intrigue. The castle's well-preserved structure and scenic surroundings make it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and families alike.

Architectural Splendor of Tretower Castle

Tretower Castle is renowned for its distinctive architectural features, which blend Norman and later medieval styles. The castle's imposing keep, with its thick walls and robust design, speaks volumes about the defensive strategies of the time. As you wander through the castle, you'll notice the intricate stonework and the remnants of luxurious decorations, hinting at the castle's former grandeur. The nearby Tretower Court, a fine example of a medieval manor house, adds another layer of historical depth to the site.

A Haven for Nature and Photography Enthusiasts

Surrounding Tretower Castle is a lush, verdant landscape that beckons nature lovers and photographers. The rolling hills and the serene Usk Valley provide a stunning backdrop, perfect for capturing breathtaking photos or simply enjoying a peaceful stroll. The castle's grounds are meticulously maintained, featuring a reconstructed medieval garden that showcases the horticultural practices of the era.

Engaging Activities and Events

Tretower Castle is not just a static monument; it's a vibrant hub of activities and events that bring history to life. Throughout the year, the castle hosts a variety of events, including historical reenactments, medieval fairs, and educational workshops. These events offer a hands-on experience of medieval life, making it an ideal destination for families and school groups. The interactive displays and knowledgeable staff ensure that every visit is both educational and entertaining.

A Gateway to Welsh History and Culture

Visiting Tretower Castle is more than just a tour of a historical site; it's an immersion into Welsh history and culture. The castle provides insights into the social, political, and military aspects of medieval Wales. It's a place where legends and history intertwine, offering a deeper understanding of the Welsh heritage and its impact on the broader tapestry of British history.

Perfect Day Trip Destination

Located in the charming town of Crickhowell, Tretower Castle is easily accessible and makes for a perfect day trip. The town itself, with its quaint streets and local eateries, complements the castle visit, offering a taste of contemporary Welsh life. Whether you're a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or just looking for a unique day out, Tretower Castle and Crickhowell provide an unforgettable experience.

Discover the Charm of Tretower Castle in Crickhowell, United Kingdom

Tretower Castle in Crickhowell is a hidden gem in the United Kingdom, offering a blend of historical exploration, natural beauty, and cultural enrichment. Its well-preserved architecture, engaging events, and picturesque setting make it a destination worth visiting. Whether you're stepping through its gates to relive the medieval era or simply to enjoy a day in the beautiful Welsh countryside, Tretower Castle promises an experience that is both enriching and enchanting.

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Tretower Court and Castle


Tretower Court and Castle, located in the scenic village of Tretower near Crickhowell, is a remarkable historical site that spans an impressive 900 years. The name 'Tretower' itself originates from the imposing circular tower built by Roger Picard II, which became a symbol of the castle's strength and grandeur. This massive tower, with its four stories and nine-foot-thick stone walls, was not just a defensive structure but also a statement of social status, echoing the grandeur of castles like Pembroke and Skenfrith.

From Norman Invaders to Welsh Lords

The transformation of the Picard family, from Norman invaders to influential Welsh lords, is encapsulated in the architecture and history of Tretower. This transition over two centuries is a fascinating tale of power, politics, and architectural evolution, making Tretower a significant site for understanding the complex history of Wales.

A Medieval Court of Magnificence

Adjacent to the castle lies the medieval court, a testament to the wealth and influence of Sir Roger Vaughan and his descendants. During the Wars of the Roses, Sir Roger emerged as one of the most powerful figures in Wales, and Tretower Court reflected his elevated status. The court became a hub for medieval Welsh poets, who were drawn to its splendor and the hospitality of its hosts.

Step Back in Time with Meticulous Restoration

Thanks to meticulous restoration efforts, visitors to Tretower Court can vividly imagine being honored guests in the 1460s. The great hall is set up as it would have been for a lavish feast, complete with period details that bring the past to life. The recreated 15th-century garden, with its fragrant white roses, symbolizes Sir Roger's allegiance to the Yorkist cause, adding a layer of historical authenticity to the experience.

Tretower's Dual Wonders

Tretower is unique in offering two distinct historical experiences in one location. The robust medieval tower and the opulent court provide contrasting yet complementary insights into the life and times of medieval Wales. This dual aspect makes Tretower a must-visit for anyone interested in Welsh history and architecture.

A Journey Through 900 Years of History

Tretower Court and Castle is a captivating destination that offers a deep dive into Welsh history. Its blend of military might and domestic splendor, set against the backdrop of Wales' tumultuous past, makes it a fascinating visit for history buffs, families, and casual tourists alike. Whether you're exploring the formidable tower or wandering through the luxurious court, Tretower promises an enriching and memorable experience.

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Crickhowell Castle


Nestled in the picturesque town of Crickhowell in Powys, Wales, Crickhowell Castle stands as a testament to the rich history and cultural heritage of the United Kingdom. Known locally as Alisby's Castle, this enchanting ruin offers a glimpse into the medieval past, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and casual tourists alike.

The Majestic Ruins: A Journey Back in Time

As you approach Crickhowell Castle, the remnants of its former glory are immediately apparent. The castle, originally a motte and bailey construction, was transformed into a stone fortress in the 13th century. Today, the ruins evoke a sense of awe and wonder, transporting visitors back to a time of knights and nobility. The remaining structures, including parts of the great hall and towers, stand as proud reminders of the castle's storied past.

A Scenic Setting: Beauty All Around

The castle's location is nothing short of picturesque. Perched on a small hill, it overlooks the charming town of Crickhowell and the Usk Valley. The panoramic views of the surrounding Brecon Beacons National Park are breathtaking, offering a perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers. The greenery that envelops the ruins adds a touch of serenity, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll or a peaceful afternoon picnic.

Delving into History: The Castle's Past

Crickhowell Castle's history is as fascinating as its architecture. It played a significant role in various historical events, including the Norman conquest of Wales and the subsequent Welsh uprisings. The castle changed hands several times, reflecting the turbulent history of the region. Each chapter of its existence adds a layer of intrigue and depth, captivating those who delve into its past.

Family-Friendly Exploration: A Day Out for All

Crickhowell Castle is not just a haven for history buffs; it's a delightful destination for families too. The open grounds are safe and inviting for children to explore and play, making it an excellent choice for a family day out. The nearby town of Crickhowell, with its friendly locals and quaint shops, adds to the charm, ensuring there's something enjoyable for every member of the family.

The Castle in the Community: A Living Legacy

Beyond its historical significance, Crickhowell Castle holds a special place in the heart of the local community. It's a symbol of the town's resilience and enduring spirit. The castle hosts various community events throughout the year, fostering a sense of togetherness and continuity between the past and the present.

A Sustainable Visit: Preserving History

Visiting Crickhowell Castle is not only a journey through history but also an opportunity to participate in its preservation. The site is maintained with a focus on sustainability, ensuring that it remains a part of Wales' heritage for future generations. Visitors are encouraged to respect the ruins and the natural environment, contributing to the ongoing efforts to preserve this historical treasure.

A Must-Visit Historical Destination

Crickhowell Castle, with its rich history, stunning views, and community spirit, is a destination that truly captivates the heart. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply looking for a unique day out, this castle offers an experience that is both enriching and enjoyable. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to step into a world where history and beauty converge at Crickhowell Castle.

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